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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  October 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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stray bullet while in bed. good evening everyone, i'm mark ockerbloom. >> vanessa: i'm vanessa welch. the teenager is recovering and tonight we learned an arrest warrant has been issued for the suspect. the bullet went through a third story wall at a home on bellingham street. fox 25's chris flanagan is live outside of that apartment and chris, you spoke with the boy's mother who said her son was not alone at the time. >> the reporter: that's right, mark and vanessa, exactly, i got a text just a moment ago from a family friend saying that 13-year-old victim will be shortly, expected back here at his bellingham street apartment any moment now. the boy' mother telling us today when the son was shot, her 13-year-old son was shot, just moments before her 1-year-old grandson was in the room as well. she says the shooting could have been much, much worse. as his family returned home to their bellingham street home 13-year-old juan lopez delgado remains in the hospital, a bullet lodged in his shoulder after he was shot while in his
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touch any of his organs. >> the reporter: doctors not sure in they'll be get it out or if he needs surgery. juan's mother lays in juan's bed and shows us what happened. three shots fired before 8:30 p.m. near a playground next to their apartment building. witnesses say two people were in a car, one got out started shooting, the other shooting from inside the car. the bullet hole in the wall is the one that hit juan. the window, through an interpreter, the mother says her son is shaken. >> he's in severe pain, being medicated with two types of medication. he's a little bit numb, she says, and he's not able to move his arm. >> the reporter: juan and his nephew play at the playground, just feet from their home. his mother says, she can't handled the violence anymore. >> she is extremely fearful for her and her family. she does not want to return to her apartment. she feels that it is extremely
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happened in this community. >> the reporter: and again, no areplica handguns have been made but an arrest warrant has been issued. chelsea police not identifying that suspect, because it's an ongoing investigation. right now, this is not the first time this family has dealt with bullets flying into their apartment building. that story coming up tonight all new at 6:00 p.m. we're live tonight in chelsea, chris flanagan, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: developing tonight, the attorney general and u.s. attorney are taking over the investigation of gloucester's former police chief. earlie reported leonard campanello was accrued of destroying evidence on his city owned cellphone during the investigation of his relationship with two women. the essex county district attorneys says the office completed the review and turned the case over to u.s. attorney carmen ortiz and attorney general maura healey. campanello was originally fired by the city. the mayor reversed course and allowed him to retire. >> mark: the deaths of two boston police officers in a back bay blaze lead to new action tonight.
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protecting firefighters in the future. fox 25's crystal haynes is live in buries and crystal, you spoke with firefighters about the steps the governor is taking. >> the reporter: firefighters i spoke to say there's always risk when they're running in to a burning building to save lives, but they say this bill to create a special commission to investigation hot work in welding in the city is about protecting those who protect us. >> that day at beacon street, it could have this was already put in place and two firefighters could be alive today. >> the reporter: governor charlie baker signing in to law a house bill that would create a special commission studying best practices for welding and hot work. it comes two years after this back bay fire killed firefighters michael kennedy and lieutenant ed walsh. welders working without a permit nearby were found to be to blame for that blaze. >> it's very important that we learn from any tragedy and this
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home, given the loss of two firefighters. we wants to make sure appropriate qualifications and certifications are in place, if they're indicated, we want to make sure that awareness is high. >> the reporter: under the new law, the commission would be in charge of investigating issues of licensing, permits, along were are cost recovery for damages. resulting in a failure to follow fire code rules and regulations. >> this is about unforced errors, right and what you really want to do is make sure that we the structures, the mechanisms, the enforcement devices and all the rest to ensure that we don't have this type of event occur again. >> the reporter: now, i spoke with the mother of firefighter michael kennedy, and kathy crosby bell has been working since her son died in that back bay blaze. for firefighting safety measures. coming up in our 6:00 p.m. hour,
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reporting in boston tonight, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> mark: we are working on breaking news from boston children's hospital. the push health council just voted to hey professor a $1 billion expansion project for the hospital which would included a new building where the garden currently sits. dozens of people came out had to do in an effort to save that healing garden. fox 25's christine mccharity has live reaction at 5:30 p.m. >> vanessa: boston police are vetting a shooting in dorchester that sent one person to the hospital. this was the scene around street, where a person was reportedly shot in the head. you can see from the video, a car door is open, it's unclear if the victim was sitting in the car or standing right next to it. police say the victim's injuries were not life-threatening. there have been no arrests so far. >> mark: a new hampshire mom is now accused of trying to kill her daughter. prosecutors brought felony charges against debra delong, ordered held on 2 $50,000 bail. during a s.w.a.t. standoff in candia on tuesday, prosecutors
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fired that shot at her as she tried to escape the home. the girl was able to escape and was not hurt. her lawyer says the 45-year-old was -- has ongoing mental health issues and being held in jail until space opens up that i state psychiatric facility. >> vanessa: two men accused of putting explosives inside a newspaper box in salem, they're expected to be in court thome this is video of that explosion here. it was caught on video as you see, john richard and damaging property and launching an explosive device. the rainbow times newspaper box was destroyed in late august near lapham park. police tell us the two suspects are from milford, new hampshire. >> mark: special goodbye today for a massachusetts national guardsman. a procession for a u.s. army staff sergeant sean christopher o'connell started in maine and traveled to the shout shore. state police and others helped with the escort. fox 25's robert goulston is live in weymouth where people waited
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>> the reporter: mark, yeah. he served in some of the most dangerous corners of the world, but he died while on a weekend trip up in mainly. today, his fellow soldiers wanted to give him an honorable goodbye. >> it gives you the goose bumps, you know, watching that. >> the reporter: the procession that started three hours earlier in maine turned into a weymouth funeral home where family will say their goodbye. >> too emotional. it was very, very many people here for a local boy. >> the reporter: people, some of them complete strangers, waved flags for u.s. army staff sergeant sean christopher o'connell. the 36-year-old national guardsman, who served in iraq and afghanistan, with the 379th engineer company out of buzzard's bay died last weekend while on a hunting trip in maine with his brother and friend. his fellow soldiers say he died in his sleep from some sort of medical issue. the 379th company wanted to
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family, and you know, just -- i'm pretty sure he would want us to celebrate for him. he was that type of guy. sky fox captured the procession as it came in to massachusetts, and again, april long the south shore, where fire trucks lined up on the overpasses. the procession turned off route 3 in weymouth with the fire truck ladder up flying a flag. >> when i saw the fire truck, ladder truck at the highway, that just -- that really got me >> the reporter: very touching moment. and family is planning some services for early next week. we are live in weymouth, robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: donald trump is still coming under fire for refusing to promise that he would concede if he loses the election. today, the republican clarified his stance that he took in the debate last night. take a listen. >> and i will totally accept the results of this great and
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>> vanessa: now that the third and final debate is over, reporters are tracking the latest from of the campaign trail today. >> the reporter: donald trump is doubling down, promising to accept the results of the november 8th election under one condition. >> and i will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election if i win. >> the reporter: at wednesday's debate, it was this, >> do you make the same commitment that you lp field absolutely, sip, that you will absolutely accept the results of this election? >> i will look at it at the time. i'm not looking at anything now. >> the reporter: on thursday, trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway, tried to clarify his comments. >> he will be respect the results of the election, but everybody, including al gore in 2000, waits to see what the election results are. >> the reporter: of the move will put many down ballot
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arizona senator john mccain, a former nominee himself, released a statement, saying in part, in every previous election the losers congratulations its winner and calls them my president. that's not just the republican way or the democratic way, it's the american way. trump says, he wants to leave all options on the table. >> of course, i would accept a clear election result, but i would also reserve my right to contest or file a legal challenge in the questionable result. >> the reporter: were less than three weeks to go, trump appears content to finish his campaign on his terms. in washington, i'm steve nanitz. >> mark: vice-president joe biden campaigned for hillary clinton in nashua, new hampshire today, he responded to last night's debate, telling voters, it's troubling that donald trump may not accept the results of the election. >> the things that donald trump is saying and doing is genuinely a threat to the democratic
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past fadaise in new england. he was in boston yesterday, talking about the white house's cancer research initiative. starting monday, massachusetts will be able to cast -- massachusetts voters, will be able to cast their ballots before the election, but election officials don't expect a record turnout. all registered voters can cast ballots in the polling spots over the next ten day. for more details on early vote, visit your 0 web site in massachusetts. breaking tonight, a plan to expand boston children's hospital means the end of a local healing garden. coming up at 530. p, we're live with more on that decision that comes after a day of protests. >> kevin: i'm tracking showers moving our way from the wells, but there's also rain to our south that's going to be streaming atoms. that's going to -- at us. that's going to make for a wet friday. >> mark: the citgo sign is up in the air tonight. up next, the big effort to keep
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>> vanessa: updating breaking news, a horrific assault in lawrence, involving a middle school student. police just giving us new information. a 13-year-old was abducted on her way to school this morning and sexual assaulted. the girl was on the way to south lawrence middle school. she says a man grabbed her in the area of boxford street.
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will and let go after two hours. she went to her mother, who then called police. a man named angel mato has been arrested. we have team coverage covering the story and update you with new information as it comes in. >> mark: meanwhile, police are making a public push to catch a group of men who broke in it a local landmark. quincy police release the pictures of four people inside the u.s.s. salem. police say they have broke into the historic ship on october 9th. they didn't stole two-way radios. the ship was built in quincy and is now in a museum. the police posted these pictures on facebook saying let's catch these guys. >> vanessa: it is hard to look at the citgo sign and not think of the red sox, fenway park and bipartisan. for decades, it's been one of the most beloved landmarks. >> mark: but its future remains up in the air. fox 25 storm tracker air. jason law joins us. >> the reporter: the building
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getting a new owner who may want to build something bigger and the one way to protect the sign is to make it an official city landmark. erika smith has a strange relationship with the citgo sign. she's a bus driver at kenmore square and for 12 years, she's worked right under that giant red triangle. >> how can i put it? like the creepy best friend in school, like your best friend, but he's still a creep. just gets used to you and grows on you. leave. >> the reporter: members of the buries landmark commission don't want it to leave either. they're now in the process of designating the sign as an official landmark, thereby protecting it from future developers. commission member lynn smilage told fox 25, they're trying to figure out which aspect of the sign are most important. from the color to the height, to its positioning on top of 660 beacon street. it can't be etched in stone with the ongoing development, smilage told us. how do we protect the sign and still allow for growth?
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company to related biel and right now, related biel is not discussing its plans. >>ists an icon in our city. >> the reporter: like most bostonians, mayor marty walsh wants the citgo sign to stay the way it is. >> it's that easy to get rid of the icons around the country and the community loses a little bit of its identity. that's as much at fenway park and kenmore square's identity has anything else. >> the reporter: this man grew up in southie. >> i don't know any of my red sox pictures that don't have it in the background. it feels like home when you're coming over the bridges and you see the mass pike. >> you know who you are when you receive the citgo sign. you could be lost anywhere. when you receive that sign -- see that sign, you're like oh, i know where i am. >> the reporter: landmark commission has not yet scheduled another meeting to discuss the future of the sign, but lynn smilage, who is spearheading the effort to save it, says official landmark status is still months away.
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>> kevin: what a perfect day for baseball yesterday. a little cooler out there today. 18 degrees cooler specifically at this hour compared to what it was yesterday. feels like october and good reason, it's october. temperatures right now, generally 59 boston, out to metro west, 61 fitchburg. norwood holding on to 61 degrees. water is also 60 degrees in ways you were thinking of going for a swim. there's rain back here along a cold front pushing our way and rain pushing through central and northern new england. came through western ms earlier. i will switch over to live fox 25 storm tracker meteorologister radar, so you can see a better idea of where it is, there are a couple of light showers out through the berkshires, but southern and central new hampshire, hillsborough, heavier rain happening there through concord, loudon in to the lakes region seeing some rainshowers move on by. those will continue off to the north. not south toward worcester or boston or southeastern new hampshire for that matter. so through the night tonight, there's a front sitting down here. the one that was north of us yesterday and that's why we're so mild. it brought us cooler hair today.
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north, and jump roping boston, the last couple of days, this time, going north as a warm front producing some showers, even some drizzle, maybe a little fog later tonight, as some mild and muggy air behind this front starts to push toward us, so you'll see the increasing coverage of the green here, denoting the highest risk of showers and drizzle through the late night into the early morning hours. then it relents a bit as the front goes by to the north. first thing in the morning, incompetent expect to see drizzle and some fog, probably more than what the computer models are showing here, that's just the case with the frontt they tend to go on by. remember the one that stalled a few days ago and didn't give the warm air to the north shore when it was supposed to while southwestern new england had plenty of warm air. same idea here. you have to expect clouds and drizzle first thing in the morning hand then shop breaks during the morning, but the same time, here comes some tropical rain coming from the south. here's where the question lies. whether or not the tropical rain will clip eastern massachusetts or not. the highest risk area will be where you see the brightest colors in here. eastern mass, to the east of 495
5:20 pm
there on cape cod and the islands from time to time as well. it will be beneficial rain to be humidity the front is back here. that will come through but ahead of it is where this tropical stream is coming from. today, the drought monitor came out with their assessment and it increased the extreme drought coverage in to the berkshires while boston and worcester, southeastern new hampshire, stayed about the same, so the drought rolls on. now, ten inches below average once again, even after we had the bump a couple of weeks ago. mild for this time of year. south, that mugginess too. high temperatures will get up to around 70 degrees, a shower, not likely to see a thunderstorm, but the risk is there, and that's because of that tropical stream, and that's what we'll be watching and then this happens. no matter what, whether the tropics hit us or not, this front comes on through and brings much cooler air in the middle of the week and yes, it's rain changing to snow for parts of new england, especially saturday evening, and in to sunday morning. there are going to be accumulations, it will be in the mountains to our north, think
5:21 pm
new england, but something we'll watch closely and indianapolis the risk. showers continues right through the middle of next we're and we're tracking every bit of it. >> vanessa: a founding member of the group, new addition, and bbd, was honored in his hometown today. michael bivens had the ballpark named in his honored. he grew up playing on that basketball court around the city especially at ramsey park where he hosts an annual tournament. mayor marty walsh was on hand for the dedication, saying it's clear, bivens never exam from. >> this is a kid who grew up in roxbury, hasn't forgotten where he came from, runs tournaments, and gets involved in the community and he's a role model that kids can understand. >> vanessa: the ceremony also highlighted the recent renovations to ramsey park, home to the michael bivens basketball court. mayor walsh says the idea to renovate the park came after he met with kids. a call for blood donations,
5:22 pm
the two men today as they continue to recover. >> mark: several people injured in a major gas explosion. up next, the work that was being
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nor a gas explosion that injured eight people in portland, oregon. firefighters say the crew hit a gas line, causing a leak yesterday afternoon. after firefighters and gas crews arrived and evacuated the building, the fire ignited. a man nearby said he never felt egg anything like that before. >> i was holding a piece of glass and a tool and boom, right on my hands, it was gone. >> mark: three people and two police officers suffered minor injuries. three firefighters suffered broken legs. >> vanessa: new at 5:00 p.m., president obama made for his legacy held care reform law in miami today. the president urged more young uninsured people to sign up for the affordable care act. he says if enough young and healthy people choose an insurance plan, it will help offset the costs with members of serious illnesses. republicans say the law is just too costly and they want to repeal it. president obama says congress could work together and make changes to improve the law. >> if we put aside all the
5:26 pm
about what's working, what needs fixing, and how we fix it. >> vanessa: open enroll begins november 1st. the obama administration expects nearly 14 million people to sign up. well, do you really know what's in certain products you use every day? >> mark: tonight we take a closer look at cosmetics that claim to be organic and what's being done to keep you safe. >> vanessa: a warning for cat owners tonight. the outwake of a potentially -- outbreak of deadly virus and what owner can could do keep their pets safe. >> an effort to save a local
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>> vanessa: updating breaking news we have been following all afternoon. we are taking a live look from sky fox over lawrence. south lawrence east middle school right now, there was a horrific assault in lawrence involving a middle school student. a 21-year-old was arrested for abducting a 13-year-old student on her way to school her. >> mark: the girl was on her way to south lawrence east middle school on boxford and middle streets. police say the victim was held against her will, then let go after two hours. she went to her mother, who called police. that 21-year-old suspect is named angel mateo and he has been charged with kidnapping and aggravated statutory rape. we have several crews working to cover the story and update you have throughout the newscast. also breaking this afternoon, efforts to save a local healing
5:30 pm
children hospital was approved, which means a new building will be built where the garden stands. >> vanessa: fox 25's christine mccarthy is live in boston, where many people protested against this plan today. christine? >> the reporter: that's right. and there was a huge mix of emotions, a lot of people were thrilled that children's hospital will be able to accept more critical condition cliff ill children who are patients. others are devastated that they'll be losing this healing, therapeutic garden. take a look behind me at the depa happened this afternoon, just about an hour and a half arrange. proudy garden supporters rallied at the state house shortly afternoon today. they say the healing garden has been therapeutic and emotional for kids who have been treated there, as well as their families. now some families actually scattered ashes of their loved ones in the garden and tearing it up would a tragedy.
5:31 pm
councilman who voted to abstain, approved of the project to provide 71 new beds for critically ill chirp. we talked to a woman whose brother's ashes were scattered in the garden and we heard from the hospital's c.e.o. said there would be more capacity and privacy for families and separate rooms to protect against infections. now, we're working on bringing you their sound bite, sound bites from both sides of the aisle here. we talked to council members, we also talkedto who have been him it could by this. as i -- affected by this. the sister of a critically ill patient who passed away in 1976, her family scattered other brother's ashes in proudy garden and we talks to parents of kids who visited the garden and are devastated by the news. we'll be bringing that in the 6:00 p.m. hour. live in boston, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> mark: christine, thank you. obviously, a number of ambulances in the area,
5:32 pm
we'll have more coming up. a cool and breezy way in dedham, but it was still a nice day to get out if you had a chance before the clouds came. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz joins us. >> kevin: your dinner time in the upper 50's as opposed to the 70's as it was yesterday. this is definitely due to the cool air mass that went south. th rain on it, but what i'm watching is rain to our south, it's going to start to move north and the rate daria actually cuts out here, so let's switch over to live fox 25 storm tracker meteorologister radar, see if we can get that tuned up. sure enough, manchester and concord, new hampshire, along 93 and 89, up to new london, new hampshire, showers, heavier downpours. increased chance for increased showers and drizzle tonight. we'll track the rain through the area tomorrow just ahead.
5:33 pm
recover from their injuries more than a week after they were shot responding to a call. the department has said repeatedly since then, if it were not for blood donations, they may have not be alive today. so today, many people came out to give blood in honor of the officers, officer matthew morris and richard cintolo. >> the reporter: the community is giving back after two officers were shot in the line of duty. they're giving blood that could help save lives. >> there's a severe blood loss at the scene and if it wasn't for the red cross, we would have lost two night. >> the reporter: officers richard cintolo and mat knew morris were critically injured during a shootout in east boston. officer cintolo has been released from the hospital. officer morris still recovering and for fellow officers, that makes this blood drive personal. >> it is something close to my heart, it is something that means a lot to me and i take very serious. >> the reporter: both officers received several blood transfusions that saved their lives. >> 90% is trauma. that's what they use it for.
5:34 pm
probably used a lot of blood unfortunately. >> the reporter: officer morris' wife katelin even came out today to donate blood in her husband's name. >> you can only imagine how we felt. i thank god every day for the past week that we're not burying two officers. >> the reporter: the boston's police patrol association wants to remind everyone that blood saves lives. >> as far as the outpouring of support by the again public to extremely grateful. i think it kind of gives just a snapshot of what police officers live with day in and day out. >> vanessa: sure does and today's blood drive was a huge success. officers and members of the community donated more than 200 units of blood at the drive today, well exceeding expectations. >> mark: great to hear. tonight, school officials in wake feel are trying to figure out how a student fell from the back of a school bus. they tell us the bus was pulling out of the parking lot of of an elementary school when it happened yesterday afternoon.
5:35 pm
parents want to know what happened so they can keep their own kids safe. >> it's crazy to think just going to and from school, that your kids can't even be safe doing that. >> mark: wakefield superintendent told fox 25 they are investigate egg the incident in cooperation with the bus company. >> vanessa: a dog named lucky is being credited with stopping an armed fugitive accused in a home invasion in epping, new hampshire. we followed this story as breaking news yesterday, at 4:00 p.m. police quickly caught two of the three men yesterday after the pistol awayped a called for help. a third plan would have gotten away if the 9-year-old buyingal wouldn't have sported something in the backyard. she heard something and started barking and she went straight for the shed. >> i have looked outside and saw him crouch, we have a stone wall back there and he was crouching back there and totally creeped me out. >> vanessa: the couple called 911 right away and the three men
5:36 pm
robbery was drug related. >> mark: still at 5:30 p.m., new hampshire lawmakers wants to toughen the state's law against the sex trafficking of children. state representative linda masimila has proposed legislation she says would close loopholes in the law which took official in january. she says, the biggest problem is traffickers can plead to a lesser charge if they claim they didn't know the victim's actual age. one of the state's top leaders will vote to legalize recreational marijuana use in state senate president sam rosenthal will vote yes on ballot question four next month. it will allow the sale of marijuana at licensed stores. the measure he believes will pass. boston mayor marty walsh and deleo are all over posed to question four. >> vanessa: the animal league of boston is warning virus in mattapan about a deadly outbreak of a virus around walk hill street.
5:37 pm
symptoms include vomiting, lack of appetite, and fever. the group suggests cat owners in this area get their pet to the vet and get a vaccine as soon as possible. >> mark: neighbors are furious and want something done. >> vanessa: coming up new at 6:00 p.m., they have discovered seven level three sex offenders are living among them. fox 25 investigates why this has been allowed to happen in one local neighborhood. >> mark: thinking of signing up for a credit card at one of your local stores? the fine print you may want to read first so you don't paying more in the he end. >> vanessa: a blind elementary school student is fighting for her education. >> my name is brooke, i'm in fourth grade and i'm visually impaired.
5:38 pm
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but for kids stuck in failing school districts, question 2 will let parents choose something better and give all our kids hope. please vote yes on question 2. >> vanessa: a pair of yukon football players face drug and weapons charges. campus police pulled them over last night after officers saw their car drifting over the center line. police say they found marijuana, a bee-bee gun and an open container of vodka. the players have been >> mark: also at yukon, school officials say a firefighter who hit and killed a teenage student was responding to a false alarm. a 19-year-old girl was killed sunday morning, run over by a fire department s.u.v. on the way to a call. he investigators say the student was sitting against the door of the fire station and when the door opened, she was hit and killed. >> vanessa: baylor university is under investigation for its
5:41 pm
of student athletes. the school's former title 9 coordinator filed a complaint, complains the university continues to systematically fail sexual assault victims. baylor officials will cooperate fully with the investigation. >> mark: a blind elementary school student in missouri is fighting her local school district after the district told her it what no longer pay for her brail school books. brooke petro is a fourth grader from kansas city and says the district has always covered the cost of her braille books. and federal funds that go towards children like brooke. while the district isn't specifically required to pay for braille materials, her father says the school agreed to pay for the books and should continue to honor them. >> she's already independent, because we have picked up where you failed her. her. >> mark: her father also says he sat down with district, where they initially agreed on around individualized education plan, which covered the cost of her books.
5:42 pm
tracking rain on the way and some below normal cold ahead this weekend. >> vanessa: when something says or began incorporate, what does that really -- organic, what does that really mean? when it comes to make judgment,
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
>> vanessa: updating that breaking news now. we are taking a live look from sky fox over lawrence. this is south lawrence east middle school. a 13-year-old skoula was act abducted and sexually assaulted while walking to the school. the girl was on her way to the school on boxford and phillips street. police say the victim was held against letter will and let go after two hours. she went to her mother who called preliminaries. the 21-year-old suspect is named angel mateo, he has been arrested and charged with kidnapping, as well as aggravated statutory rape. we will have a full report for you on the way at 6:00 p.m. >> mark: cosmetic concerns.
5:45 pm
but harmful chemicals inside. >> vanessa: the federal government doesn't make sure products labeled organic actually are. federal regulators are exploring how they can controls the public safety gaps. >> the reporter: any food you buy at the grocery store with an organic label on it has to meet a series of standards set by the u.s. government to maintain that seal. but any nonfood product like makeup or hairspray doesn't have to meet those standards. a say on whether the products can put organic on the label. >> when it comes to personal care products, companies can call their products organic even if there are nonorganic ingredients in them. >> the reporter: federal agencies gathered if washington to look at what they can do to make the organic label more meaningful for consumers. right now, the ftc can take action against companies that engage if deceptive advertising, but they're exploring what more should be done. >> so the purpose was to identify gaps. >> the reporter: the environmental working group looked at the ingredients of
5:46 pm
products, labeled organic, and found 250 of them containedgnh2 nonorganic, potentially harmful chemicals. >> even chemicals that are linked to things like, allergic reactions, cancer. >> the reporter: a bill proposed in the u.s. senate could help fill this gap. a hearing was held last month on a bipartisan effort to give the f.d.a. more power to regulate cosmetic. reporting what, justin gray, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: the feds are now recommending see car engulfed testing for all pregn florida's miami-dade county. the county is the only area in the u.s. where mosquitoes have been spreading the virus. the c.d.c. says new cases continue to come in to the miami area and the new expanded testing is just a precaution right now. the new testing advice also extends to pregnant women who were not in miami-dade themselves, but had unprotected sex with someone who had been in that county recently. the centers for disease control now says, children only need two doses of the hpv vaccine.
5:47 pm
virus that can cause cervical cancer and some std's. the c.d.c. previously recommended three doses for kids between the ages of 11 and 14. but some new research shows newer doses are just as effective. the c.d.c. says the doses should be given at least six months apart. they still recommend three doses for anyone who is 15 or older. >> mark: new at 5:30 p.m., nearly two dozen nigerian girls are back home with their families tonight after more than two years in captivity. nigeria's president helped secure their freedom. go in 2013. the islamic militant group is still hold know -- more than 100 people. philippines has been hit by a second typhoon in less than a week. more than 60,000 people have been cleaning up after the typhoon made landfall yesterday. several landslides and floods have been reported and the bbc reports at least four deaths. the typhoon equivalent to a category four hurricane, just three days earlier. >> vanessa: and here at home, big dip in the temperatures from
5:48 pm
there. >> kevin: we were definitely cooler, but it will be warmer again tomorrow. the thing is, it comes with clouds and showers. it is cooler today, right now, 18 degrees cooler. although in western mass, it's closer to what it was yesterday. dinnertime temperature, 59 in boston. do the math, that would bring you to 77 yesterday at this time yesterday. boy, it is a difference, no doubt, but mild and muggy air starts to stream back northward toward us tonight, so the temperature after midnight will actually start to creep up towards 60 degrees once again, dropping into the our south, you're seeing these clouds, you're going to see showers starting to go develop. that's the front that's going to come back north toward us and increase the risk for a shower or some drizzle in your town tonight. right now, on live fox 25 storm tracker meteorologister radar, we'll find some of the -- live fox 25 storm tracker fox 25 storm tracker storm tracker radar. western massachusetts, heavier shower in north adams, moving
5:49 pm
coming from worcester or boston from that direction. it's the stuff to the south that's going to drift northward with the front tonight. so you'll receive the increased risk of showers and drizzle across the area. the way to read futurecast in this instance, it's not everywhere it's specifically going to be raining. this is the increased risk, the coverage of the green showing up, shows the showers and drizzle forming late tonight and through the early morning hours. whether you wake up in the morning and even though futurecast gets away from it a bit as the front goes by, there's going to be fog morning drive tomorrow morning. that front goes northward, we keep the risk of a shower in here, but now what we're watching is not just the front to our west, but also some tropical rain streaming northward from the bahamas. bahamas. it's going to be on the way tonight and arrive tomorrow. 2:00 p.m., heavier showers coming toward southern new england. they're hugging eastern massachusetts, basically to the east of 495, through of the evening hours tomorrow. that's your highest chance for heavier rainfall to come on through, coincides by the way
5:50 pm
tomorrow evening. so overnight, wachusett mountain area milder air starts to hey rough. you'll be stickier when you wake up in the morning. cape cod, same idea, 50's and slowly jogging back up to the low 50's by 5:00 a.m. that means in the afternoon tomorrow, here in the merrimack valley, your temperature will be jumping up to the low 70's. if you get sun to poke out, you'll easily get there. otherwise a slow progression. here in the bo around maldin. braintree, quincy, 72 degrees tomorrow afternoon, so mild and muggy day with a lot of clouds hand those showers. now, we're going to continue in to saturday. another batch of showers rotating on by, some cold air arrives. rainshowers though are going to change over to snow showers during the nighttime of saturday and sunday. the berkshires hand the mountains, most likely to see some of those, but it is possible to see flurries even in
5:51 pm
we'll be watching. not accumulating snow, but a couple of flakes flying around in western mass and southern massachusetts. the cool air arrives and stays with us until next wreak and we don't shake the risk of showers until next week. we'll be tracking it every step of the way. >> mark: paw sox fans will hold their are first ball yard sale and fall open house at mccoy stadium a week from saturday. fans will be able to buy old if admission, best of all is free. midwest life is ditching snoopy and other can charlie brown characters from its advertising campaign. the company says they are going for a more modern and clean look, instead, metlife will have ran m in blue and green colors as its logo. well, the rocky horror picture show, remember that, push the limits of what you can put on the big screen. tonight, you can watch a sequel right here on fox 25.
5:52 pm
music show, let's do the time warp again, airs tonight, it's a remake of the 1975 cult classic nor a new generation. today's cast says while the original version was risky, it doesn't seem that way now. >> now, 40 years later, we're doing it on a television network, with a black transgender woman at the helm. that's the point, that shows how far we've come. >> mark: cast includes laverne koch, victoria justice and remember this guy from "american idol," adam it premieres tonight at 8:00 p.m. >> vanessa: we're working on all new stories ahead for fox 25 news at 6:00 p.m. >> the reporter: neighbors are shocked to discover seven level three sex offenders are living in that apartment building. what the community wants done. >> vanessa: also ahead, just in the past 15 minutes, police arrested a man in connection to a shooting in chelsea. where a teenager was shot while he slept in his bed.
5:53 pm
6:00 p.m. a local soldier who served three hours in afghanistan comes home for the final time. the touching tribute in his honor across three different states today and we also continue to follow breaking news from lawrence, where police say a 13-year-old middle school student was kidnapped on her way to school today and sexually assaulted. her accused attacker is in custody. we have several crews working this breaking story.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
uh, first of all, i plan to vote for donald trump. when it served her purpose, ayotte buddied up to trump, re to be like donald trump? oh absolutely, i would do that. but she kept playing politics and flip flopping around. ayotte is running away from trump as quickly as she can. and what she values is her seat. and she's trying - to keep something she values. - i know. kelly ayotte. the politician. looking out for herself. independence usa pac is responsible
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porch. >> mark: warning morning people amazon. apple brought products from the web site labeled genuine and 90% of them were fake. the tech giant filed a lawsuit over the new jersey company on monday over counterfeit charges and cables. apple claims mobile star put apple logos on products that pose a significant risk of overheating, fire, and electrical shock. record high interest rates, a new study takes a look at how much people could end up paying with a credit card from some of their favorite stores.
5:57 pm
should read the fine print before signing up. >> the reporter: you may have been tempted to sign up for that store branded card. i know, i have, as a frequent shopper. do a little bit of shopping here and there, but a new report finds that those cards are also coming with record-high interest rates. a credit report found nearly half of retail branded cards carry an a.p.r. of at least 25%. that's well above the national average credit card interest big lots tops the list with the highest rate, nearly 30%. nordstrom is at the bottom with one of the low of the rates. -- lowest rates. costco and amazon have store cards that carry rates around the national average. though the report did find a second amazon card with an interest rate around 26%. the survey also found new card holder deals, those signup bonuses are weaker than they've been in years past, and say
5:58 pm
experts say, you could benefit from signing up for one of these cards if you're a frequent shopper there and you pay off your balance every month. in washington, jacqueline feld, fox 25 news. >> >> vanessa: a nationwide recall has been issued for several types of rice cookers, because they may start fires. the consumer products safety commission says people who have the three squares branded time machine and the mini time machine rice and slow cookers need to stop using them right away. the commission says the wiring it could cause electrical shorting. increasing the risk for fires or electric shock. >> vanessa: first at 6:00 p.m., a terrifying kidnapping and attack on a middle school student. police say a 13-year-old girl was on her way to school in lawrence when she was abducted, held for hours, hand sexually assaulted. good evening, i'm vanessa welch. >> mark: i'm mark ockerbloom.
5:59 pm
and tonight, her accused attacker is under arrest. fox 25's jason law joins us with the latest. >> the reporter: this is very scary. police tell us this 13-year-old girl attends the south lawrence east middle school. news of the attack broke just before 5:00 p.m. tonight, so about an hour ago. investigators say this started around 10:15 a.m. this morning. the girl said she was walking in the area of boxford and phillips streets, when a man grabbed letter from behind and police say that man then carried the girl in to a nearby apartment where she was sexually for more than two hours, eventually released and finally made it to her school where she was able to get a hold of her mom. her mom heard about this and called police. the victim was able to give police a description that led to the arrest of a 21-year-old man. that man has been identified as angel mateo, who lives on the second floor of 76 phillips street, located in lawrence. we have a crew headed to the area to gather more information. we'll bring it to you as soon as
6:00 pm
>> vanessa: we are following more breaking news in chelsea sunday receive, where police just made hand arrest, connected to the shooting of a teenage boy. >> mark: 13-year-old boy was struck in the head when he was sleeping in his bed. the bullet what was not meant for him. police in the last hour made that arrest. chris flanagan is in chelsea with information on the man who is under arrest. >> the reporter: that man, 19-year-old christian garcia, taken in massachusetts state police in andover in the last hour. the family is moving, they don't want to stay in this neighborhood anymore, because they say it has become too, too unsafe. this woman showing how her son was in bed last night when a bullet came whizzing in to his bedroom. it hit him in the shoulder. you can see the bullet hole in the wall. the bullet remains in 13-year-old juan lopez delgado's


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